Single Sign On Logout

A service you were using has initiated a logout. At this point, you should already have been logged out of that service. However, you may still have an existing Single Sign On session, which will allow you to log back in to the same or other services without re-entering your username and password. If you would like to terminate your Single Sign On session, you may do that below.

There are some details for you to understand:

  • This will only terminate your Single Sign On session. It will not terminate existing sessions for other applications you might have logged in to.
  • If you wish to logout of other applications, you might want to do that before you take this step.
  • We advise you to restart your browser after completion, in order to ensure that browser session cookies are deleted. (Note that some browser settings may cause your browser to be non-compliant with such conventions.)

If you understand these limitations and want to end your Single Sign On session, click here.

If you have any questions about this, please contact the IT Help Desk.